“Outstanding customer service! Just last season we implemented a fund control and I was hesitant but everything went smoothly…Goldleaf turned around my thinking on this matter…real positive with Goldleaf…very kind…our Fund Control Administrator is intelligent, informative and a big help throughout the whole ordeal…very pleased with the customer service. Intend to send a lot more business Goldleaf's way.”

“Goldleaf provided a great service…Because of Goldleaf we have been propelled into an industry that we wouldn't have been able to be in. The staff is very professional and prompt and they show a personal interest…very courteous…the fund control is going good…policy may be a bit rigid…but it is still effective…part of the business…always handled courteously and professionally. Everyone I have ever dealt with at Goldleaf has been very professional.”

“They have been very good. No complaints…they take a personal interest in getting a bond;they seem to have a good working knowledge of contractor needs…Jack followed through on a specific need…they have a level of field expertise that you don't get elsewhere;Things have run smoothly in the fund control…they need more paper work but that is understandable.”

“Goldleaf has been terrific to work with. Our Fund Control Administrator does very well. She is a real professional!”

“Our Fund Control Administrator handles everything in a very professional way for our fund control.”

“We have found great rewards in working with Goldleaf Escrow. They have helped us in achieving a higher bonding limit with good rates.”

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